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Our Story

Epic Mobile Detailing is here for your vehicle detailing and cleaning needs. Based in Philadelphia, Epic Auto Detailing takes pride in serving and protecting your vehicle so it can be the best version of itself and represent you in EPIC fashion.

As professional first responders, we understand the importance of being there when needed. Epic Mobile Detailing will go to great lengths to make sure that the customer will leave astounded and assured that the job will be done right.

Interior Detail

We are also a proud employer of military veterans. Epic Mobile Detailing is more than just a detailer. One of our main focuses is to promote and support the opportunities for military veterans looking to reestablish themselves in the civilian world.

Finally, we believe that it is important to help happy and healthy pets find a home. A portion of our profits will be used to sponsor an animal seeking adoption.

Epic Mobile Detailing takes extreme pride in serving others. So don’t hesitate in giving us a call and providing us the honor to serve YOU.


Tyrone Thomas

Founder and Co-Owner

Tyrone Thomas is AWESOME!...just kidding. Tyrone is one of the founders and co-owners of Epic Mobile Detailing. One of Tyrone’s main goals for starting Epic Mobile Detailing is bringing the ultimate customer service experience to you. One of Tyrone’s core beliefs is that if you are going to spend your hard-earned dollars for a service, you are entitled to the kind of service you paid for.

Tyrone Thomas is a certified auto-detailing craftsman. He’s always had a love and passion for auto detailing and cosmetic car care. As a military veteran and a career firefighter, Tyrone’s core beliefs are service, courage, and commitment. Service is the basis that keeps every person connected. Courage is having the resolve and integrity to be truthful with clients instead of just telling clients what they want to hear. Commitment is carrying out the task that is put forth and completing the mission no matter the situation. Epic Mobile Detailing is dedicated to bringing exemplary service.


Cleveland Jones

Founder and Co-Owner

Cleveland Jones is one of the founders and co-owners of Epic Mobile Detailing. As an avid car enthusiast and professional detailer, he has received state recognized certifications and taken multiple courses that place him at the cutting edge of the car care industry.

As a professional firefighter in the Philadelphia Fire Department, Cleveland understands the importance of integrity, dependability and hard work. He demonstrates these core values by treating you with respect and attempting to meet your needs whenever possible. Cleveland is a tireless worker and will not rest until you are satisfied.

A native of Baltimore, MD, Cleveland moved to Philadelphia in 2009. He has grown to respect the residents of the area and is glad to call Philadelphia home. Cleveland holds a bachelor’s degree from Hampton University and is a licensed Real Estate agent in Pennsylvania. He is also an avid cyclist and a member of multiple charitable organizations.



Junior VP of Client Acquisition

Hawk is the JVP of operations and marketing. He makes sure that any job is not too tough for us. He is also responsible for ensuring that all products Epic Mobile Detailing uses are pet friendly and bio-chemically safe for all.



Senior VP of Client Acquisition

Batman the cat enjoys napping, eating, and demanding attention. As Senior VP of talent acquisition, he advises the owners on all things animal-related.